Tourmaline (variety Acroite)    Swakopmund, S.W. Africa.  Ex. Nancy Collins Collection.  The small cabinet specimen displays a 2.2 cm long acroite crystal lightly embedded in a tan colored rock matrix.  The tourmaline grades from a very light green to clear and it is totally gemmy throughout.  The termination is not complete on the end where the crystal is clear.  This end must have once been embedded in matrix and was subsequently chipped.  The piece does not appear repaired because the crystal’s green section is well embedded in the matrix.  7.7 x 4.4 x 3.5 cm overall.  The photo shows the tourmaline to be darker than it really is.  It IS clear for much of the crystal’s length.  Very desirable and rare tourmaline.  $310

Tourmaline (variety Acrite)

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