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Field Collecting Projects

Gouverneur Calcite

2020 Update


This locality is on an undisclosed area of private land in the township of Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, New York.  It is a classic locality from the 1800's rediscovered by George Robinson in 2015.  Several collectors including myself and George were able to gain access to this spot in 2016 and collect numerous noteworthy calcite specimens to over 30 pounds in size.  Most lacked any color however some did have light interior shades of purple.  Many showed twinning including wonderful Rossie habit twins.  Some had minor accessories of baryte and quartz.  Most are reminecent of the Rossie mine, New York calcites from the mid 1800's.

Several examples are shown here.  None of the specimens from this location have been offered for sale on this website but I do have specimens available.  Please contact me directly if you wish to inquire about available specimens.






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