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Field Collecting Projects

Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain Quartz
Treasue Mt. Herkimer diamond scepter

2020 Update


During the summer months myself and my Father, Jay Walter, spend the majority of our time field collecting crystalline mineral specimens.  Living in northern New York State allows us to collect at many classic sites which still give up quality material, now and then.  We also spend a great deal of time in southern Canada.  These regions of North America have some of the best collecting anywhere and are, generally speaking, still readily accessible to collectors, this site, however is closed to collectors.

2002 and 2003, found us focusing the majority of our time at a location in central New York State called Treasure Mountain.  It is located within the city limits of the town of Little Falls.  The site is a commercial dig on an escarpment overlooking the town and the Erie Canal.  This site is similar to other Herkimer Diamond collecting locations in the region.  Double terminated quartz crystals are found in pockets within the sedimentary dolostone.  Calcite crystals and anthraxolite are common secondary materials within these vugs.  The main difference between this site and "the others" is that scepters can be found at Treasure Mountain. 

Above are a couple of photos of specimens from this important locality.  Steel spring wedges and other heavy tools are required to work the pocket level successfully.  It is a shame this site is no longer accessible to the public.

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