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The Dafoe Property

Tourmaline, Dafoe Property, NY
Pegmtite, Dafoe Property, NY
Quartz, Dafoe Property, NY

The Dafoe Property

The Dafoe property is found on the west side of Leonard Stream near the famous Powers farm locality.  During the summer of 2017 the family began digging and selling specimens from a pegmatite vein on the property.  Although the tourmalines from this vein have yet to be analyzed, they are likely similar in composition to those found at the Powers farm.  That would mean they are dravites with fluor-uvite cores.  So, the term tourmaline best applies to the primary species found at this new location and will be used for specimens from this location (until the proper analysis is completed).  Unlike the specimens from Powers, the primary crystallized accessory mineral at this location is fluorapatite.  Occasionally, high quality quartz and interesting calcites are also encountered.

To-date 4 veins have been discovered.  The veins dip vertically and contain the primary species tourmaline, quartz, and fluorapatite.  Late stage mineralization includes, calcite, allanite-(Ce), hematite, and meteoric quartz.  An article has recently been published on this locality in Rocks & Minerals magazine, vol. 94, no. 5, Sept/Oct. 2019 issue.

2019 Update

Starting in April of 2019 I was able to negotiate and arrangement to do a professional mineral recovery operation on the Dafoe property.  The work goes on approximately five days a week and is very intense.  Not only have excellent tourmalines been recovered but attractive calcites and some of the finest quartz from northern New York has been harvested, as well.  Updates will continue to be posted as time allows.  This dig is on private property and off limits to outside collecting.  The land owner lives on the site.