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Professional Mineral Specimen Recovery




History has shown that the longevity of mineral localities can be short-lived and the number of high-quality specimens they hold is limited. The mission of Geologic Desires to professionally recover, conserve and protect these specimens by getting them into the hands of those who will properly care for them.



The first step in this process is recovery, which typically involves collaborating with landowners, collectors, museums or other individuals or institutions. We use "low-stress" specimen-recovery techniques so mineral specimens are preserved in as pristine a condition as possible.  We are not miners using traditional, heavy handed, methods such as blasting.  Our approach incorporates modern extraction techniques specifically designed for mineral specimen recovery.  Tools include, diamond chainsaws, specialized drills and wedges, precision microblasters, and specially equipped backhoes.  We have decades of experience and take all projects seriously.




After specimens have been collected in the field they almost always require trimming, cleaning, repair, consolidation or other conservation measures.  This is accomplished by using hydraulic trimmers, diamond saws, ultrasonic cleaners, abrasive and fluid blasting devices, and micro-scribes.  In addition a variety of adhesive and chemical treatments may be required.  We do not enhance minerals; just return them to the natural condition in which they previously existed.



Once the final mineral specimen is returned to its natural condition it needs to find the proper home.  Geologic Desires has been an established on-line dealer in fine minerals for over 25 years.  We are a participant in our Nation's largest mineral shows and exhibit in the most desirable locations at these shows. 

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