Calcite and Stibnite    Xikuangshan Antimony Mine, Lengshuijiang County, Loudi Prefecture, Hunan Province, China.  We have seen a fair number of the specimens over the past six or seven years.  Almost all have been damaged, and/or, heavily oiled.  This year I was able to purchase for fine specimens that are in good condition and not heavily oiled to hide their flaws.  This piece is another damage free floater with fine terminations have a single large 5 cm tabular calcite.  It is gemmy and highly included by stibnites.  There is a small .7 cm calcite twin on one of the stibnite blades.  Another damage free floater which is superb for this locality in all regards.  $375

Stibnite and Calcite

SKU: GD-0153