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Herkimer Diamond with Enhydro     Crystal Grove Mine, near Lassellsville, Fulton County, New York.  Collected by Michael & Jay Walter, August 2012.  This crystal is a single with one tiny rider crystal measuring 2.5 x 2 x 1.7 cm.  There is a two phase enhydro (liquid and gas) with a nice round bubble measuring at least .2 cm.  It is clearly visible due to the crystal’s unusual clarity.  No damage.  Tiny contact on bottom with matrix and other crystals are readily evident but in no way distracting.  This is the only enhydro we have found in years of hard digging at this locale.  A very rare thing for Crystal Grove.  $95  GD-1015

Quartz (variety Herkimer Diamond)

SKU: GD-1015
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