Herkimer "Like" Quartz and Calcite.  Lowville, Lewis County, New York.  This is one of the very fine examples of this limited material.  I kept it for my collection but am downsizing and no longer collecting this material.  This one is stunning and among the several very best!  It is a large, partially skeletal, floater crystal that measures 5.9 x 4.3 x 3.4 cm.  There are transparent, amber colored calcites growing within some of the skeletal face depressions.  It is damage-free, exceptionally lustrous, complex in form, and beautifully colored.  There are some area of the bottom of the crystal with healed contact areas around the embedded scepter stem.   I was able to aquire the majority of this material when it was first found and I think this one is exceptional.  We are taking off 30% on this one, $1,330

Quartz and Calcite

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