Magnetite and Sphalerite    2,500 foot Level of the Zinc Corporation of America Mine, Balmat, St. Lawrence, County, New York. Ex. Chuck Bowman, Z.C.A. miner and collector of specimen. Rare, well documented, and important material that is unique to the mineralogical world. It also ranks among the best known for the species. This example shows both of the important forms (cubes with tetrahexahedral modifications to faces) in numerous beautifully formed, damage-free crystals on the front, back, and sides. 4.5 x 3.3 x 2.7 cm. What appears to be a scuff on the top of the large magnetite crystal is a natural contact.  This is as fine a miniature as one could find in this material. The sphalerites are exceptionally large (.6 cm) for this occurrence, transparent, and lustrous. They are also fluorescent.  Sits nicely. Perfection! $600 

Magnetite and Sphalerite

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