Magnetite     2,500 foot Level of the Zinc Corporation of America Mine, Balmat, St. Lawrence, County, New York.  Ex. Chuck Bowman, Z.C.A. miner and collector of specimen.  Rare, well documented, and important material that is unique to the mineralogical world.  It also ranks among the best known for the species.  This example shows both of the important forms (cubes with tetrahexahedral modifications to faces) in numerous beautifully formed, damage-free crystals.  4.9 x 4.9 x 3.5 cm piece that has much of the original anhydrite it was once encased in.  The crystals are very lustrous and well formed.  Back side has a couple small contacts and front has one crystal very low on the piece (near base of the specimen) that has two tiny chipped corners.  Overall condition is excellent.  Probably the most important find for mineral collectors was the discovery of CUBIC magnetites in the Fowler ore body of the #4 mine, 1991-1992. They are the best of their kind (cubic) from anywhere in the world. The only other previously known cubic magnetites were microscopic. The cubic form is also accompanied by another rare magnetite form, tetrahexahedral. Rare for this occurrence are modifications by octahedrons. The crystals formed in a halite/talc vein that was an anomaly that had not previously, or since, been encountered. These magnetites rank among the finest and most unique for their species from anywhere in the world. We have been lucky to acquire specimens directly from miners who worked in the famous ore bodies, miner private collections, as well as fine example from collections we have purchased. Some a few descriptions, of the many, written about this discovery. There is also a book on these mines in press.  Cubic Magnetite Crystals from Balmat, New York. The Mineralogical Record, Nov/Dec. 2010, vol. 41, no. 6, p. 527-537. Cubic and Tetrahexahedral Magnetite Crystals from the Fowler Ore Body, Z.C.A. Mine, #4, Balmat, St. Lawrence County, New York. Rocks and Minerals Magazine, May/June 2008, vol. 83, #3, p. 224-239. Connoisseur's Choice: Magnetite, Z.C.A. Mine, #4, St. Lawrence County, New York. Rocks and Minerals Magazine, May/June 2008, vol. 83, #3, p. 240-246. The Collector's Guide to the Minerals of New York State, Chamberlain, C. and Robinson, G. Schiffer Publishing, p. 89-94. The History of St. Lawrence County Minerals, Matrix Magazine, vol. 6, no. 3.This is an aesthetic display specimen of this material.    $400


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