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Hematite on Quartz    Chub Lake, New York. High luster blades of hematite on large beta- quartz crystals. 11 x 6.5 x 5 cm overall size to this very aesthetic piece. Hematites fill voids in quartz. Large specimens from this site are unusual and this one is exceptional.  The central areas are damage-free while the edges show strong matrix contacts, as seen.  This is a well known, and documented, prospect for iron where a small audit was dug and the ore/tailings appear to never have been removed from the site. It is on private land and has been closed to mineral collectors for two decades at the time of this writing (2020). It produced beta form quartz often in combination with lustrous blades of hematite. The quartz/hematite combinations from this site are can often be almost identical to the specimens from Cornwall, England. Only experts well aquatinted with both these locations would have any hope of accurately telling the difference between pieces from the two locales. Specimens from Chub lake are seldom seen for sale and are normally only encountered through the resale of older collections.  $600

Hematite on Quartz

SKU: GD-0602
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