Grossular, Diopside, Vesuvianite, Brucite    York River Skarn Zone, near Bancroft, Ontario.  Collected by Michael Walter, early 1990s.  Now a Provincial Park, these garnets have become difficult to find for sale.  Normally they are very small, seldom close to a cm in diameter.  This piece measures 7.5 x 4 x 3.4 cm.  The large crystal gracing the top of the specimen is 3.8 cm across!  Several masses of brown vesuvianite, green diopsides, and white brucite compose the matrix.  Minor chipping to the big crystal but for one of these it would be considered to be in excellent condition being complete on all sides.  Most areas of the big crystal are lustrous and translucent (transparent in small regions throughout).  A fine example.  $225

Grossular, Diopside, Vesuvianite, Brucite

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