Grossular-Andradite     near Sandare, Cercie Nioro do Sahel, Kayes Region, Mali, Africa.  I have known of and purchased the garnets, epidote and prehnite material from this area for 20 years (long before it was known on the general mineral market).  These are by FAR the best quality garnets I have seen from the locale in that time.  The identification of the garnet species is still being debated, but while that goes on why not get one of these fine crystal groupings!?  This grouping has crystals to 3.8 cm each combining to form a specimen that measures 11.2 x 7 x 6.5 cm.  The crystals show beautifully formed faces with interesting growth features and are translucent.  Many areas are translucent green.  They are zoned in their growth and may, in fact, be several species of garnet in each crystal.  This beautiful piece which has numerous contacts with other crystals but a relatively clean display faces.  Crystallized on all sides and a fair amount of smaller, secondary growth garnets.  250$


SKU: GD-0932