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Grossular and Diopside    Mt. Belvidere, Eden Mills, Vermont.  Ex. Jim Turek collection.  Rich cinnamon red crystals to 1 cm each are evenly dispersed among transparent light green diopside crystals.  Minor overgrowths of secondary garnets ranging from clear to red in color.  Lots of flash from these high luster, transparent to translucent crystals.  No damage only a couple very minor edge contacts to the piece.  3.2 x 3.1 x 1.5 cm so it barely fits into a perky box (but it does).  This is highly desirable material not often seen on today’s market.  Coveted and looked at a being among the finest garnets on the planet.  This is a fine example of that material.  $350  

Grossular and Diopside

SKU: GD-0849
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