Grossular/ Clinopyroxene York River Skarn Zone, near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada. Collected by Michael Walter 1999. This site is closed to collecting (now a provincial park) but once produced some fabulous garnets, especially in the late 1990's for a brief time. They are nothing short of fantastic. Bright orange/ red garnets in combination with dark green clinopyroxene (likely diopside). The luster is the best you can find and they make superior specimens. The garnets are transparent and translucent with internal fractures and the diopsides are opaque. This piece has exceptionally large crystals for the location but does just manage to fit in a perky box. It measures 3.3 x 2.6 x 1.7 cm and has good color and transparent areas. There are chips on two ends of the piece still far better than most of the material to come from this now closed locality. $145

Grossular and Diopside

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