Graphite    Rossie, St. Lawrence County, New York.  Collected by Michael Walter, June-July 2018.  Graphite is a common, economic mineral species.  This being said, large graphite crystals are very rare things that few collectors will ever have a chance to add to their mineral collection. The specimens we offer were discovered during the summer of 2018. The find consisted of a single pocket connected to a section of mineralized vein. In total very few specimens were recovered, but those that are comparable with, or better than, the finest from anywhere in the world.

What makes these graphite crystals interesting is that most have an attractive reticulated surface patterning. This patterning has been refered to as six rayed, snowflake-like, and stellate dendrites. Whatever we call it, visually it is a nice feature that refects the species hexagonal internal atomic arrangement.  Large crystals like this seldom show hexagonal geometry.  Normally, the crystals are rounded and they are often naturally curved, bent, or found embedded in fluorite or calcite (both of which formed after the graphite). Associated minerals from this find include calcite, fluorite, diopside, feldspar, and mica. 

This is a rare cluster of crystals in naturally etched calcite.  They are large crystals, to over 4 cm each, found embedded in massive cream colored calcite.  The piece is 5.5 x 4.7 x 4 cm.  It is a damage-free floater with nicely patterend crystals sticking out in all directions.  Impressive for this common native element that is seldom seen in collector grade specimens.  $2,800

Graphite and Calcite

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