Fluorite on Quartz      Shang Bao Mine, Lei Yang, Hunan Province, China.  Anyone who knows fluorites knows these important specimens and all their amazing qualities.  This damage-free example has several dozen intergrown and independant crystals to 1.5 cm each.  It is domical in form and shows crystals on every side with the majority of them being high on the specimen.  10 x 7 x 6.5 cm overall.  Great colors (purple/ blue interiors and green exteriors), small are of base is sawn so it sits perfectly.  Great example and as most of us know, these are getting more and more difficult to get.  I always sell these quickly and never have them in stock except after my Tucson show excursions.  I picked this one up pre-COVID in 2020.  It comes with a custon engraved acrylic base.  $750

Fluorite on Quartz

SKU: GD-0677