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Fluorite    Walworth Quarry (Dolomite Products Company, Inc.) Walworth, Wayne County, New York.  Ex. Michael Walter, New York State collection.  Collected by Michael Walter.  Okay, so you want a matrix specimen instead of a free crystal.  Well here you go... the specimen measures 7 x 6 x 4.8 cm and has two cubes.  The one on very outer edge is damaged and could be trimmed off, but the one in the vug is beautiful and damage free.  There is also a smaller one directly beside this fine crystal.  It is approximately a cm on edge and pretty much water clear (maybe the slightest blue tint).  Gem throughout.  It shows wonderfully on the white dolomite crystals vs. a dolostone rock matrix.  This is a very desirable specimen.  $395

Fluorite on Dolomite

SKU: GD-0276
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