Fluorite, Calcite, Quartz      near Xinyang, Henan Province.  This location has been described to me as being near the Xinyang Mine but not from the mine itself.  It is similar to the material that surfaced in 2014 but far clearer and not as bright a green.  The crystals are different too: these are reminiscent of the Naica Mexico "Aztec Pyramids" once common on the mineral market.  In any case, they are beautiful so I purchased eight or ten examples in 2019.  On this one the crystals are glassy green crystals and totally transparent.  The octahedrons are intergrown and their surfaces completely covered by cubic modifications.  On the octahedron's terminations are seen large, more complex crystal terminations.  The calcites are small and clear  and the quartz is sparse and white.  The backside is somewhat crystallized and there is only a single small area of contact on one edge. 6 x 5.6 x 3.3 cm.  Great damage-free miniature sized piece of new fluorite.  $190

Fluorite, Calcite, Quartz

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