Fluorite on Quartz    Long Yan Mine, Yongchun County, Fujian Province, China.  At the time of this posting there is only one specimen that is similar to this new material that I have found to confirm the locality (it was on Mindat and noted it as being Yongchun County).  Like other new Chinese minerals the locality confirmation will normally solidify within a few months to a year.  In any case, several new styles and colors of fluorite are being attributed to this locality and I have examples of several here.  This beautiful specimen is composed of intergrown fluorite dodecahedrons.  They are very transparent and the color is a mix of green and some light blue internal zones.  11 x 8.8 x 3.6 cm.  The piece has great luster and there is minimal damage, that being some minor scuffs on a couple of crystals.  The back is sculpted so it is trimmed to perfection.  $300

Fluorite and Quartz

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