Fluorite      Long Yan Mine, Yongchun County, Fujian Province, China.  At the time of this posting there is only one specimen that is similar to this new material that I have found to confirm the locality (it was on Mindat and noted it as being Yongchun County).  Like other new Chinese minerals the locality confirmation will normally solidify within a few months to a year.  In any case, several new styles and colors of fluorite are being attributed to this locality and I have examples of several here.  This form I found to be the most interesting and I believe it will be the least common to reach the market.  It appears to be the product of one unique vein or pocket so I purchase all I saw that were not damaged (which was only about a dozen that was with two dealers).  These specimens are composed of first generation octahedrons that have highly modified surfaces (I think by dodecs).  The color of this first generation of crystal is green but the cores show some blue.  The second generation is what makes the specimens special... these crystals ate clear, TABULAR dodecahedrons.  I've shot several close-ups so you can better appreciate these unique crystals.  This example is the finest I found available at the show.  It measures 18.5 x 12.7 x 4 cm.  This is a spectacular, damage-free, aesthetic fluorite specimen.  $1,600


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