Fluorite    Huanggang No. 6 Mine, Hexington Banner, Keshiketeng County, Chifeng City, Chifeng Prefecture, Inner Mongolia, China.  This important find at these prolific Fe-Sn mines has produced small amounts of poor quality pink fluorite.  2019 was different and a huge pocket produced several thousand better examples of this material.  Prehaps 500 very fine pieces came out including this pair of octahedrons.  The piece measures 6 x 5 x 4.7 cm.  The luster is excellent as most are very flat (satin looking) and the color in this one is quite rich for the material.  This one, like most has some green hedenburgite inclusions along one side.  The specimen is a floater with only the smallest of micro-rubs on one corner.  This is as damage-free as I could find and if there is a truly "damage-free" piece out there, I'd be suprised!  I've inspected several thousand of these and decided this was the finest I had seen.  Like any pink fluorite these are not inexpensive.  This is a magnificent example.  It comes with a custom engraved base miss labled as Fluorite and Calcite.  There is no calcite on this specimen.  It helps display the piece so its included for free.   $1,950


SKU: GD-0690