Exogenic/ Ground Fulgurite Hybrid Oswego, Oswego County, New York. From lighting strike on August 2, 2008, ref. Rocks and Minerals magazine, May/ June 2011 issue, vol. 86, no.3, p. 264-270. Collected by Michael R. Walter, August 25th, 2008. This is one of only several examples of what the transition area around the strike site looks like. It is the boundary between where the energy went subterranean and at the surface liquefied and flew out of the hole. The liquid stringers drip into the opening like frosting off the edge of a cake. It shows the lustrous, smooth upper surface of an exogenic fulgurite and the lowers, soil fused surfaces of a ground fulgurite.  What makes it really neat is that there is a complete ground fulgurite extending downward from the base!  A very interesting and unusual piece. 7 cm. $395  

Exogenic Fulgurite

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