Chalcedony   “The Ear”  near Deming, Luna County, New Mexico.  This specimen is from a fellow field collector who discovered them in a desert area of southwestern New Mexico at a deposit he referred to as the “Deposit el Pinko” late in 2018.  These are the five finest from his collecting effort which produced hundreds of these stable, pink, very translucent chalcedony specimens.  We know they are color stable in that he found many right on the surface of the ground in the direct sunlight.  These were likely there for years and retained their pink color.  This attractive cabinet sized specimen measures 8.5 x 6.1 x 2.5 cm.  It displays nicely on end but needs support.  Outstanding views from all directions.  It is very attractive when backlit. The piece also shows an attractive green fluorescence under short wave ultraviolet light. This is not a run of the mill example.  Its color (both pink and purple), size, and form are all exceptional.  Damage-free and quite aesthetic.  Smaller pieces can be had for 20 to 30 dollars while large examples like this one are very difficult to find at any price.  $150


SKU: GD-0925