Cerussite Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia, South West Africa. Ex. Thomas G. Fowler collection. This specimen is one of the huge “snowflake” specimens that has become a mineralogical icon and nearly impossible to find for sale. They are well represented in the world’s important museums but seldom in most collections. Even Tsumeb specialists have difficulty acquiring these in good specimens: their being so fragile, their rarity, their extreme expense if available, and the fact that the large ones like this were difficult to fit into the miners lunch boxes all make for specimens like this to be exceedingly rare.

This fine example is narrower than many but is complete in showing the six rays present in the best twins clearly. This one is unusual in that there is almost no damage, lest one small chip on the back, and it views almost equally well from both sides. There is a small repair that will be impossible to find visually.  Magnificent is an understatement when it comes to this exceptional mineral specimen. I t could be displayed various ways… if on edge it sits well being fully stable and presentable. The side that I am referring to as the back is just as lustrous and displayable as the front. The backs coloration is different with the center of the crystal being a mild yellow color which grades to clear at its extremities. The overall clarity is average to good for one of these big specimens and the luster is exceptionally strong. There are two areas of druse coated rock matrix clearly visible in the images but this specimen was clearly a floater in the pocket and has no visible points of attachment. The base is well crystallized, as well but not as displayable. It sits great on this base, as I am calling it, but would display very nicely in a vertical alignment. Very nice in every regard. Comes with custom engraved acrylic base. 


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