Calcite and Stilbite    Jalgaon, Maharasha, India.  This outstanding calcite measures 11 x 10 x 5.5 cm.  It is spotless and a pocket floater specimen, with no points of contact or and damage, what-so-ever.  The stilbite crystals vary in size with the largest being an attractive bowtie that is 3.5 cm.  The calcite is a wonderful light amber or honey color and very transparent.  Fine specimens like this calcite almost always have some large matrix attachments on their bases.  This one does not so is fantastic looking from any view.  This one is hard to appreciate not seeing it in person.  Fantastic quality for an Indian calcite. Oh, it’s also twinned!  Well priced at $550

Calcite and Stilbite

SKU: GD-814