Calcite and Fluorite     Elmwood, Carthage, Tennessee.  Ex. Dr. Miriam Wolf collection.  Really great calcites from this region are highly coveted and declared by some as the finest calcites know.  Getting god ones is difficult.  This piece is a fine one having a beautifully transparent twin that dominates the piece as well as an attachment of purple fluorite on which it formed.  The specimen measures 14.2 x 8.8 x 5.6 cm.  It’s not a huge clunker, it’s just a really fine cabinet specimen.  It has a wonderful golden glow and the twin plane is obvious and attractive.  The luster is the best I have seen from one of these.  The fluorite adds to its aesthetics creating a contrast in color, form and luster.  The terminations are very good with one showing the tiniest of rubs that is not readily evident in-hand.  The contact on the base extends to one termination as can be seen in the base images.  It sits nicely and views just fine from any direction.  It needs a home so I’m slashing the price on it…. originally $2,500… now $1,250

Calcite and Fluorite

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