Calcite     Daye Mines, Huangshi, Hubei Prov., China.  Three dealers at the 2007 Tucson show had these unusual calcites in their inventories.  They are composed of goethite coated schalenohedral crystals which are capped by flattened rhombohedrons which are clear to translucent and are perfection in their form.  Some refer to this combination of forms as “nail head” calcites.  They are certainly highly aesthetic and bound to be appreciated by more than just calcite collectors.  These are beautiful specimens (and fluorescent).  This one measures 7.8 x 6 x 4 cm piece with a tiny cap.  Very strong color contrasts on this one.  No damage (a tiny white area that is noticeable is natural mineralization).  $100


SKU: GD-0957