Jamesonite on Bournonite    Yaogangxian Mine, Bai Shi Du, Chen Xhou, Yizhang County, Hunan Prov., China.  This is another example of important material no seen any longer in the general mineral market.  If you’d like to pick one up and not pay several thousands of dollars, here it is.  This piece is a stocky double terminated 5 x 3.3 x 3.5 cm crystal of bournonite which has its top termination coated by jamesonite needles.  On this there appears to be several stannite ball but I can’t be absolutely sure that this is what they are.  There is a tiny ding on one back corner which will go unnoticed without magnification.  It is a fine and certainly unusual specimen for a n outstanding price…..250$

Bournonite and Jamesonite

SKU: GD-1163