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Baryte     Rock Island Road Cut, Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, New York, collected 2013.  Numerous intergrown stalactitic forms, flower like, that are white and have lots of sparkle.  6 x 5.9 x 4 cm overall. Very attractive and exceptional for the locality.  No damage.  An opening approximately 10 feet above the road’s surface had been known for decades... what was not known was there was a 20 foot solution cavity in the marble directly behind it! The vug contained hundreds of stalactititic and dendritic clusters of white barite. Many were also encrustation pseudomorphs after calcite or very rarely after anhydrite. In rare cases they have a light blue coloration. Individual crystals are small, up to a centimeter, but the groupings are aesthetic. Specimens to tens of pounds were discovered in the mud covering the floor of the cavity with the most attractive being in the miniature to small cabinet size ranges. I acquired several hundred and the remainder are being donated to the New York State Museum. This one is an excellent example. The occurrence is documented in an article for Mineral News by Dr. Steve Chamberlain. $175


SKU: GD-0598
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