Mina Jaimina, Caravia, Asturias, Spain.  Ex. Bob Borofsky.  This fine cabinet specimen measures 9.5 x 7.7 x 4.4 cm with the largest crystal measuring 5.4 cm on edge.  A large, complex fluorite makes up the body of the specimen and on this are barite blades and smaller fluorite crystals mixed in with them.  The fluorite has white/clear cores and light blue (not purple as my camera has captured it) phantoms.  It is in excellent condition with only minor chipping on a couple of barites.  The fluorite shows a tiny internal crack (seen in the second image).  The crystals of fluorite show well developed tetrahexahedral modifications on cubes.  Moderate luster.  A great Spanish piece in all regards.  $375

Barite on Fluorite

SKU: GD-0011