Granatwald, Tyrol, Austria.  Ex Anthony Dunn Collection.  Embedded in schist we see eight large (to 2.7 cm) garnets.  The back has garnets to but they are not display worthy due to damage.  This specimen has not been polished, coated, painted, etc. as they most often are from this locale.  I have seen all kinds of things done to these to make them presentable.  They are doctored up in order to remove or hid the minor damage which they almost always seem to have.  This one does have two chips and a tiny ding but it is exceptional for this material.  It is one of only a couple which I have seen which has not been repaired/inappropriately improved.  Big plate measuring 14.4 x 11. 6 cm.  It averages 3 cm thick.  Good luster in its natural state.  Try and find one this nice for sale…I don’t think you will and certainly not at this low a price.  Great classic European specimen.  395$


SKU: GD-0013