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Albite (var. Peristerite), Diopside, Phlogopite    Ellis Farm, Macomb, St. Lawrence County, New York.  Collected by Michael Walter, Summer 2015.  As with all of these the peristerite crystals show their schiller best when in-hand and turned in average lighting (not, sorry to say, in photos).  The schiller is present on two opposing prism faces in all cases.  They are obviously not very photogenic when I simply point and click.  This one is a large grouping, measuring 10 x 8.3 x 6.2 cm, of pale crystals that exhibit good translucence and moderate blue schiller.  There are diopsides in combination with the peristerites to 2 cm each.  Minor phlogopite throughout.  Very three dimensional with contacts on base and back.  Front, top and sides display nicely.  I believe this is the best example I have for sale.  $295

Albite (variety Peristerite)

SKU: GD-0577
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