Custom Engraved Acrylic Bases

Some of our clients prefer to purchase their specimens with mounts.  In order to meet this ever growing demand we make custom engraved acrylic bases for some of our best specimens.  These bases are in the same style as those produced by two other top dealers with whom you are likely familiar.  Their construction is from the finest quality materials, purchased here in the United States, and are routed in such a way as to display the mineral specimen from its most appealing view. 

Below you will see examples of some mounted specimens and close-ups of the routing insets.  We strive to have as much of the specimen exposed as possible while still retaining stability for the piece.  Props are used on the backside of the piece when needed.  All bases are done in 1 inch thick acrylic with beveled top edges, have rubberized feet to prevent slipping when displayed on glass, and are laser engraved with the species name and location.  The lettering is painted white with two coats of acrylic latex paint.

We have recently added these bases to approximately 1,000 of our previously posted specimens and have NOT increased the cost of the specimens.  I repeat, they retain the same prices as they did before the base was added.  It is hoped that you will appreciate this extra added value along with the fine workmanship given to these bases. 

If you have interest in having us make bases for your collection contact us for a price quote.  To our knowledge our rates are considerably better than any of our competitors.

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