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Appraisal and Photography Services

Sphalerite, Balmat, NY
Mark's Aqua HR.tif
Diopside, DeKalb, NY

We have extensive experience appraising collections and specimens for clients who need this service.  As a separate service, or in combination with appraisals, we do professional photography of specimens.  Appraisal work includes insurance coverage, charitable donations, wholesale and retail value business, and asset distribution/ divorce appraisals.  We are discrete and anxious to help you with these tasks.

Our studio photography work includes large format photography.  Most of our work begins in high resolution (22 meg) digital form and can be adapted for publication, marketing or on-line applications. The final product will have your specimen(s) displayed on glass, acrylic, opaque colored or PhotoShop created backgrounds of your choosing.  Examples of our work are readily available on the web, in books, and in, or on the covers of, most of the mineralogical periodicals.  Please keep in mind that all images on this web site are in LOW resolution so do not best represent the quality of our work.  References and examples can be provided.

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