Virgem da Lapa, Jequitinhonha Valley, Brazil.  Ex. Harold L. Dibble collection.  This is a pleasing light to medium blue, natural topaz of very high quality.  The really unusual part is it obvious screw dislocation growth feature running its entire length parallel to the "c" axis.  More common in the beryl family of minerals these are quite uncommon in topaz crystals.  This one is only a couple millimeters wide but is much more obvious than my one image indicates.  It can be seen very clearly through the largest of the five non-etched faces.   Take my word on this one..."you can't miss it"! 

The luster on this fine specimen is exceptionally high showing no frosting or abrasion.  It is a damage free floater showing many surfaces etched to different degrees.  Some quite lightly and others heavily leaving behind razor sharp edges.  Internally all gem showing none of the typical veils or internal fracturing.  I only do point and shoot photography for these listings and this is one of those specimens that deserves better.  The crystal views great from any side and sits perfectly for display without a base.  Only one small chip on backside.  It is exquisite in hand and likely the finest specimen from Harold's collection.  7 x 6.6 x 5.5 cm overall.   On Sale...$6,800

Topaz with Screw Dislocation

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