Diopside and Albite (var. Antiperthite) Rose Road Locality, Pitcairn, New York. Collected by Michael Walter, Summer 2006. This group of highly lustrous crystals measures 7.2 x 5 x 3.6 cm overall. There are several beautifully formed albite crystals to 2.7 cm each as well as numerous poorly formed ones composing the matrix of this specimen. The diopsides are to 3.7 cm each and in fine form. Some are doubly and some singly-terminated.  The specimen views equally well from the back.  Some stick out above the albite crystals and create a nice color contrast. I worked all summer in 2007 at this classic location and seldom found pieces this clean. A couple contacts mostly to the back of the specimen. Very seldom are the albite crystals from this locality so well defined and they are also fluorescent.  A fine, very displayable, small cabinet specimen….. $200

Diopside and Albite

SKU: GD-0581

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