Diopside and minor Albite (var. Antiperthite) Pitcairn, New York. “Lunch Break Pocket” Collected by Michael Walter, 2006. This pocket is well documented in a series of articles in Rocks & Minerals magazine. Good specimens from this site are few and far between even though the site has been active since the mid-1800s. This piece is composed of a 6.2 cm double terminated diopside crystal and measures 6.2 x 5.5 x 3.4 cm overall.  The albites are poorly formed as well as the backside of specimen. Front side offers a fine display which shows what some of the best New York State diopsides look like. An example worthy of a top collection of East Coast Classics at a fraction of the normal "classic" price.   220$

Diopside and Albite

SKU: GD-0580

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